EPi's New and Improved Digital Cell App is now available!


EPi's Digital Hull Cell App now has Troubleshooting Guides for Acid Copper, Alkaline Non Cyanide Copper, Nickel and Zinc. It has also been redesigned to make it more user friendly.


This app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Samsung Galaxy .


The Gold Bug

The Gold Bug® is used very successfully with all of the precious metals including silver, palladium, palladium-nickel, platinum, rhodium and iridium. Various types of solutions of copper, cadmium, tin, tin-lead have all been successfully treated to concentrations of less than 5 ppm with the Gold Bug® .Undetectable levels are sometimes possible to obtain.

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The PowerRack

The PowerRack is a fully electronic switch-mode rectifier system for industrial applications. The PowerRack stands out for its High DC Quality and High kW Output availability. In addition to the standard features of the PowerRack system, which make this plating rectifier unique in its class, is the automatic load sharing between the power modules, which has the capability to be upgraded to a maximum output power of 100 kW.

The constant ripple, which is less than 3 % in the total control range, allows the universal operation of this rectifier for diverse electroplating applications. To ensure a simple integration of the rectifier into new, as well as existing manual or automatic lines, the PowerRack has an optional integrated operating panel, in addition to a standard 0-10Vdc (optional 4-20mA) analog interface for fully automatic line control systems. Modbus and Profibus communication interface is also available upon request.

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The First of its Kind Digital Cell iPhone & iPad App for Electroplating

EPi's new app lets you use your Android Mobiles to take pictures of, for example, a copper plated Hull Cell panel and, using your Android Mobiles, overlay the picture with parameters used in plating the Hull Cell. The following parameters are inputted using your Android Mobiles: amperage, temperature, time, tank #, date and a notes section.

Another feature of the app is it includes a Hull Cell ruler, which is used to measure the current density of all electroplating processes, including copper, nickel and zinc. The Hull Cell ruler is an excellent choice to determine the acceptable plating current density of any plating bath.

All rulers, including Hull Cell rulers, get lost in desk drawers and other places. Now, with EPi's Hull Cell Ruler you do not need a physical ruler - just your Android Mobile. EPi's Hull Cell Ruler App works on the Android Mobiles based on the existing Hull Cell ruler scale. You will notice a Hull Cell ruler is longer than the Android mobile screen. The EPi App addresses the size with a scrolling screen that moves left to right and vice versa. 267 ml (on the top) and 1000 ml (on the bottom). Hull Cell panels can be measured with this ruler. Hull Cell parameters for cathode/anode material, type of agitation, temperature, amperage, and time for both rack and barrel applications are available for the following types of plating. Available on the App Store

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Zinex introduces a specially formulated Non-Cyanide Copper as a heat treat stop-off maskant for nitride or carburize applications. Zinex HS-29 replaces the environmentally hazardous Cyanide Copper bath.



• No Cyanides, toxic compounds or chelators

• Excellent adhesion & coverage

• Dense non-porous and ductile

• Single additive replenisher salts

• Easily controlled process

• Requires no additional equipment

• Indefinite solution life

• Not sensitive to organics

• No immersion copper deposits on steel

• No strike bath required

Meets Boeing Commercial, Space and Defense Spec 5722

HS-29 is far more cost effective than competitive products.

Contact Zinex 1-888-TO-ZINEX or e-mail us at solutions@zinex.com

Zinex Corporation

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Plating Process For AZ 91 Magnesium Castings

EPI has developed a plating process on magnesium that includes a cleaner, acid activator for magnesium, zincate for magnesium,
and E-Bite Ultra Cu-Mg alkaline non cyanide copper plating process results in excellent adhesion and corrosion protection.
For more information contact Eric Olander, President, at

Electrochemical Products, Inc. (EPI)
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Horizontal Disk Filter System

Mefiag's Jumbo high-flow filter systems feature a single-chamber flow rates to 30,000 GPH. These high-efficiency,  horizontal disk filter system that utilizes use the company's 33-inch low-profile horizontal discs, for maximum filtration capacity & fewer media change-outs. The Jumbo, which utilizes corrosion resistant construction and heavy duty FPR pumps, has proven to be attractive to platers requiring high volume & high flow rates due to larger tank sizes and high turnovers per hour.
For more information contact:

Mefiag, Met-Pro Corp.
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Liquid-Filled DC Power Supplies

Liquid-Filled rectifiers are great for the corrosive atmosphere of the plating & anodizing industry. These rectifiers (6 to 100 V, 250 to 20,0000 Amps) have no fans, pumps, or moving parts to deal with, which results in very low maintenance.
For more information contact:

Zinex Corporation
P.O. Box 20009, Oxnard, CA 93034 Phone: 805-486-6994


Magnetic-Drive, Seal-Less, Self-Priming Pumps

The Sethco Division offers PMSP Magnetic-Drive, Self-Priming Pumps, available in either polypropylene/PVDF or
high-temperature PVDF materials of construction, are recommended for acids, alkalies, caustics, solvents and many other harsh environments. There is no metal contact with the liquid being pumped and no shaft seal is required; priming the pump is easy. Other features include: the ability to run dry after initial priming; easy-to-disassemble design,;
and an internal basket strainer to prevent foreign objects from entering the pump. For more information contact:

Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions (Sethco)
Phone: 215-799-2377  Fax: 215-799-0920


Corrosion-Resistant Fume Ventilation & Exhaust Systems

Duall Division manufactures corrosion-resistant fume ventilation & exhaust systems to standard specifications or will custom design
them to ensure optimum performance for your application. Duall offers you more services than any other supplier, including on-site
testing, pilot & lab studies, system design, spec writing, equipment installation, and start-up. Push-pull systems utilizing a high-pressure,
low-volume design to eliminate the need for large cumbersome push headers are available to reduce exhaust air requirements by up to 50%.
Ask for Bulletin FVE.

For more information contact:

Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions (Duall)
1550 Industrial Drive, Owosso, Michigan 48867
Phone: 989-725-8184 Fax: 989-725-8188


Trivalent Aluminum Chromate Conversion Coating

Carolina Process Control, has announced that it's Luster-On product known as "Aluminescent" has received approval
under the government Mil Spec of MIL-DTL-81706B for chemical conversion coatings. Aluminescent is now officially listed
on the Qualified Products List (QPL) pertaining to chemical conversion materials for coating aluminum alloys. This approval
follows rigorous testing conducted by NAVTEC using specific steps to prove its corrosion resistance, paint adhesion, and
shelf life capabilities. Carolina Process Control is one of the few companies in the world offering a fully certified product
that is chrome free that also exceeds all aspect of the Mil Spec 5152.
Aluminescent is the only powdered hex-free conversion coating for aluminum listed on the Qualified Product List for
MIL-DTL-5541F, class 1A and 3. The chromate is a replacement for yellow or clear hexavalent chromates and provides
excellent corrosion protection at low cost and minimum control. Aluminescent can be applied by dip, spray, brush, swab
or roll coating, requires no electrical current, cooling or exhaust and is suitable for both wrought and cast aluminum alloys.

Carolina Process Control.
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Corrosion-Resistant Centrifugal Pumps

Sethco is leading manufacturer of horizontal and vertical corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps, with flow rates to
250 GPM. Manufactured from both high-strength thermoplastics and stainless steel. Sethco’s products are particularly
suitable for tough, corrosive applications in the metal finishing industry. Sethco pumps are also a critical component in
filtration systems used in plating and printed circuit board operations. A variety of pump configurations ranging from
off-the-shelf drum pumps, to a full range of magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, to custom-engineered vertical sump
pumps make Sethco adaptable to almost any pumping application.

Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions (Sethco)
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Drop-In Tank Liner

The original "drop-in" tank liner. Lining tanks that contain corrosive chemicals is one of the most cost-effective
methods for a metal finisher to prolong and maximize asset life and ensure continuous operation of the line.
Whether for large chromium plating tanks or small electroless nickel tanks. Flexi- Liner will identify and fabricate
the right liner for your operation. Flexi-liners are designed for easy self-installation. They actually "drop-in" your
tank and can be installed in just minutes.

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Complete Line of Filters

Mefiag offers a complete line of filters-horizontal disc, cartridge, bag, carbon, oil absorbing-for tough, corrosive
applications in the plating/metal finishing industries. Single-chamber capabilities range from 75 to 30,000 gph.
Materials of construction include rubber-lined, polypropylene, CPVC, PVC and stainless steel. Mefiag also
offers corrosion-resistant FRP, polypropylene and PVDF pumps in standard end-suction and optional
magnetic-drive and self-priming configurations.

Mefiag, Met-Pro Corp.
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Belt Press

A new brochure available from U.S. Filter/JWI . The Static Radial Wedge (SRW) belt press combines world-class dewatering
technologies in an efficient, high performance machine. The SRW is designed to deliver maximum throughput in a minimum space
and is offered in a variety of configurations to meet almost every dewatering requirement.

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Alkaline Non-Cyanide Copper Process

E-Bite Ultra Cu is a unique cyanide-free alkaline copper plating process with covering and throwing powers greater than
cyanide copper. The process plates on steel, zinc diecast, zincated aluminum, brass, electroless nickel and watts nickel.
The process is said to be an excellent pre-plate copper strike for bright nickel, acid copper, tin and solder plates.
It is also an excellent decorative finish for buttons, rivets, lighting fixtures and builders’ hardware. The copper plate can be
readily blackened or oxidized for a variety of attractive antiqued finishes. It said to have no carbonates that need to be treated
nor contain strong chelators. It is supplied as a liquid concentrate which is diluted with water. The plating process produces a
fine grained, smooth, dense and ductile copper deposit which is nonporous and has excellent bonding properties. It is designed
to be the next generation process to E-Brite 30/30 process & works in rack or barrel processes.

Founded in 1954, EPI has been a leader and innovator in the development and manufacture of chemicals for the metal plating and
metal finishing industries. Headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin, EPI supplies customers worldwide with an extensive line of
products in the areas of electroplating, metal blackening, corrosion inhibitors, antiquing and oxidizing, metal cleaners, metal
brighteners, surface preparations, chromate finishes, and phosphate finishes.

For more information on EPI and E-Brite Ultra Cu non-cyanide alkaline copper plating, contact Eric Olander, President, at

Electrochemical Products, Inc. (EPI)
17000 W Lincoln Ave, New Berlin, WI 53151

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American Plating Power, LLC Earns ISO 9001 Certification

American Plating Power is located in Fort Myers, Florida and specializes in designing, servicing and selling power supplies and controllers
for industrial industries. They are proud to announce that they have been recognized as being an ISO 9001 company.
ISO 9001 participation requires a rigid system of quality control procedures to be met and adhered to in the course of every aspect of the business.

For more information contact:

American Plating Power, LLC
13300-56 S. Cleveland Ave., Suite 215, Fort Myers, FL 33907
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Corrosion-Resistant Filter Systems

Sethco offers a large selection of filter systems for the filtration of corrosive liquids used in the metal finishing industry. Choose from bag chambers or cartridge chambers that can be matched up with a wide selection of horizontal and vertical pumps to provide you with a filter system capable of filtration rates of 300 to 7,500 gph with filtration efficiency down to 0.5 micron. Sethco filtration systems are recommended for most industrial and electroplating acids and alkalies, as well as other corrosive high chlorides, fluoborates, and cyanides at temperature to 200 degrees F.

Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions (Sethco)
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Lutz Pumps, Inc. now offers Sealless transfer pumps for IBC’s.

LUTZB55.jpeg (17234 bytes)

As more companies receive chemicals in bulk containers, Lutz is meeting the demand to safely
transfer liquid by introducing its Sealless pumptubes in lengths up to 78". The safest way to avoid
spillage (no leaking pumps or valves) is to extract liquid from the top rather than from the bottom drain.

Material of construction: Polypropylene with drive shaft in Hast. C, or all Stainless Steel with
rotor in ETFE. Other models including the High Viscosity pumps can be custom built.

To avoid emission and evaporation, pumps can be installed with fume barriers, which are
available in Polypropylene and Stainless.

Motors are available in TEFC (illustrated), Explosion proof, ODP, 12 DC or Pneumatic.

For added safety transferring liquids out of totes, Lutz offers a range of accessories. Illustrated
are dispensing nozzle available in polypropylene and stainless, as well as the NEW flowmeter
available in Polypropylene or PVDF for accurate measurement of liquid extracted.

Lutz Pumps, Inc.,
1160 Beaver Ruin Rd., Norcross, GA 30093
Phone: 800-843-3901  Fax: 770-923-0334
www.lutzpumps.com    e-mail: lutzpumps@mindspring.com