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Electroless Gold

I have been doing literature and patent research on electroless silver. A patent search revealed a few patents. Good news and bad news.

The good news is that I found a patent that makes some sense. Patented by two people I know. That patent is owned by "Applied Electroless Concepts, Inc." Gerald Krulik, President. I think that the solution may be workable for our purposes. Some modifications may be needed.

The bad news is that it is a recent, June 1994 Patent number 5,322,553. To use it may require a license.

The patentees are Gerald Krulik and Ned Mandich, People I know.

Patents reviewed:

5,232,492 1993 Electroless silver Krulik and Mandich

5,322,553 1994 Electroless silver Mandich and Krulik

4,132,902 1979 Electroless gold Burke

4,374,476 1983 Electroless gold El'Shazly

4,880,464 1989 Electroless gold Ushio

5,106,413 1992 Electroless gold Takewaw

5,178,918 1993 Electroless gold Duva

The starting solution I will recommend is:

Sodium thiosulfate 200 g/L

Sodium sulfite 20 g/L

Sodium EDTA 0.1 g/L

Silver compound 3 g/L

pH 7.5

Operating temperature 65C

Plating rate 7 millionths inch in 15 minutes. Rate increases with higher temperature and higher pH.

The solution available for replenishment.

The Patent Krulik and Mandich 21 years old

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